The Michigan Health Alert Network (MIHAN) is a secure web-based notification system created by the State of Michigan to alert key personnel of conditions that could adversely impact the health and safety of State of Michigan’s citizens. The system also provides situational awareness about important but non-emergency health-related information.

The MIHAN user agreement lists guidelines for the proper use of the system. Through the MIHAN system, users have access to sensitive, provisional information and are responsible for protecting that information. The State of Michigan does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the content contained on the MIHAN system.


On the basis of my position within a public health or safety organization, I have been granted access to MIHAN. As a user of MIHAN, I understand that I will have access to sensitive, provisional information including:


I understand that instances may arise when I will need to distribute provisional information on MIHAN to seek assistance from other MIHAN users. I understand that premature release of provisional information posted on MIHAN could result in foreseeable harm for persons who choose to act on this information. I also understand that release of information from MIHAN contact directories could result in unnecessary harm to other MIHAN users.


In consideration of my responsibilities as an MIHAN user and in recognition of potential harm caused by the release of provisional information and personal information obtained from MIHAN, I agree to the following provisions:

  1. To consider all information on MIHAN as provisional and subject to change at any time as further investigation, research, data analysis, or policy development is conducted unless otherwise noted in specific postings.
  2. To share information guided by the recommendation of the original contributor of that information.
  3. To share information from MIHAN with the smallest number of persons who need this information to perform their public health or safety responsibilities.
  4. To use information on MIHAN solely for the purposes of disease or injury monitoring, control, mitigation or prevention and not for personal or commercial gain.
  5. To make no use of the identity of a person or business reported or inadvertently discovered through a posting in MIHAN, except to address a particular public health or safety problem internally within my organization.
  6. To limit downloading of information from the MIHAN Web site to a computer in order to restrict the number of records with provisional information to an absolute minimum. Unless prohibited by local laws or regulations, the limited number of computerized records that contain information from MIHAN will be destroyed as soon as they are no longer needed.
  7. To limit the printing of information from MIHAN. Printed or photo copied information from MIHAN will include a disclaimer statement indicating the provisional nature of the information and that subsequent reports might contain different information. Unless prohibited by local laws or regulation, printed records of provisional information from MIHAN will be deleted as soon as they are no longer needed.
  8. To submit reports to or post materials on the MIHAN system with information that is accurate to the best of my knowledge at the time of submission to help other MIHAN users anticipate, identify, mitigate or respond to outbreaks or other health events in their areas.
  9. To notify MIHAN staff or administrators of any changes in job position or responsibilities so the MIHAN staff can determine whether continued access to MIHAN is appropriate based on MIHAN policies and protocols.
  10. To avoid attempting to override or circumvent the security procedures related to MIHAN.
  11. To prohibit the use of names of MIHAN users, their institutions, or MIHAN-sponsoring organizations in a way that misrepresents the source of information or implies endorsement of products or services without the permission of the contributing source.


  1. To the use of my name and contact information in an MIHAN directory available to MIHAN users.
  2. To the terms of agreement which are construed in accordance with and subject to State of Michigan law.
  3. MIHAN staff may terminate my access to MIHAN with or without cause at any time and without advance notice upon the subsequent review and approval of the MIHAN System Coordinator.
  4. The MIHAN System Administrators reserve the right to modify this Agreement at any time, and without prior notice, by posting amended terms on this website. Your continued use of the MIHAN service indicates your acceptance of the amended User Agreement
  5. To use and disclose the information on the MIHAN system only according to this Agreement or as otherwise required by law
  6. To refrain from posting individually identifiable health information on the MIHAN system as defined at 45 CFR 160.103. I also agree to notify MIHAN staff or administrators of any unauthorized use or disclosure of individually identifiable health information on the MIHAN system.